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Meet Scot Vighi

Natural Health Specialist

Scot Vighi is  a gifted energy medicine healer, and Qi-gong /Reiki Master who possesses a unique ability for relieving chronic pain and habitual stress, while inspiring well-being. A Kripalu certified yoga teacher with Master’s degrees in Ericsonian hypnotherapy and USUI Reiki, Scot is certified by The National Academy of Sports Medicine and The National Endurance and Strength Training Association.

An accomplished film and stage actor, Scot created EastWind Breathworks: a comprehensive program teaching the five cornerstones of a transformational practice:

  • Qi-gong breath and energy cultivation,

  • P.D. Ouspenski's Philosophy of evolution,

  • Kundalini Yoga breathing, movement and meditation techniques,

  • Basic operatic vocal skills and training,

  • The Taoist Foundational practice and theory.

For 34 years, Scot has worked with people from around the world: leading seminars, applying hands-on holistic healing bodywork, teaching meditation and hypnotherapy, and coaching advanced physical fitness training sessions.

Meet Amelia

Holistic Healing

Scot is a holistic body worker and hypnotherapist, in private practice for 30 years with offices in Lenox, MA and Burlington, VT.

He is a Tai Massage, Tai Breath and Body, and Reiki master specialist in the Miraval Resort and Spa-Berkshires, a Condé Nast award recipient for top 15 healing arts spas in the world.
Why Naturopathy

What is Reiki?

The Healing Art

The essential arts of healing require an ability to concentrate entirely in this moment. Learning to ease into stillness allows timelessness to work through a person like a a healer's touch. Accepting vulnerability, and being able to be comfortable while uncomfortable, are both necessary emotional skills for one's evolution. The breath is the conduit between, and within, all persons. The study of breathing is really the study of living:
how breath supports us, how our sounds are carried on its wavelengths, and how it is at the hearty center of every human being.

All human emotions are experienced on the inner continuum between joyous love, and the fear of the loss of love.
The ability to be affected by another person allows a possibility for healing, and for fruitful truthful spontaneous action, and/or stillness.



"I am not given to hocus-pocus. I am a skeptic. But I had tried it all: drugs, doctors, therapists; nothing worked. My back and left shoulder just wouldn't respond. Then there was Scot. His methods are mysterious, but the results are unmistakable: I am a new man!"

— Frank W. Chief of Police, Univ. of Albany


Qi-Gong Hypnotherapy
Elite Fitness Training
Craniosacral Energy Medicine
Online Coach
The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution, PD Ouspensky
The One Thing, Gary Keller with Jay Papasan.
Vocal Wisdom, Giovanni Lamperti
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