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Meet Scot Vighi

Natural Health Specialist

As a certified master of the healing arts of Reiki and Qi-Gong, Scot has shared his extraordinary gift with people from all around the world for 27 years.

Years of study, meditation and intensely focused breath work have enabled Vighi to harness his own Qi (internal energy+ life force), and use its healing powers to help others. He can feel where energetic meridian lines are blocked by injury or pain, and helps to clear a path for the natural healing process to re-balance and repair. 

Vighi holds a Master's certificate in Usui Reiki and Eriksonian Solution-focused hypnotherapy. He is also a Kripalu Yoga certified teacher, and a fitness trainer with diplomas from both the National Endurance and Strength Training Association and National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Meet Amelia

Holistic Healing

by a certified master in the healing arts of Reiki and Qi-Gong
Why Naturopathy

What is Reiki?

The Healing Art

The essential arts of healing require an ability to concentrate entirely in this moment. Learning to ease into stillness allows timelessness to work through a person like a a healer's touch. Accepting vulnerability, and being able to be comfortable while uncomfortable, are both necessary emotional skills for one's evolution. The breath is the conduit between, and within, all persons. The study of breathing is really the study of living:
how breath supports us, how our sounds are carried on its wavelengths, and how it is at the hearty center of every human being.

All human emotions are experienced on the inner continuum between joyous love, and the fear of the loss of love.
The ability to be affected by another person allows a possibility for healing, and for fruitful truthful spontaneous action, and/or stillness.



"I am not given to hocus-pocus. I am a skeptic. But I had tried it all: drugs, doctors, therapists; nothing worked. My back and left shoulder just wouldn't respond. Then there was Scot. His methods are mysterious, but the results are unmistakable: I am a new man!"

— Frank W. Chief of Police, Univ. of Albany


Qi-Gong Hypnotherapy
Elite Fitness Training
Craniosacral Energy Medicine
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